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In this unit, I learned how lesson planning can be used as a guideline to organize a class. It does not need to be a strict script to follow, but a lesson plan is a good way to stay organized and mee
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This unit deals with teaching productive skills in the classroom. Speaking and writing are equally important, just like the previous unit skills we went over. I'm starting to get a better feel for the
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I found this unit useful for me to establish some ground rules in my mind of how to be an effective and engaging teacher. Furthermore, I learnt key information of what is required from students learni
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American Falls
This unit has been very useful. Using the information given on auxiliary verbs, I have produced a hand out for my students, which has the usage of each auxiliary verb in Japanese as well as English. P
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the unit ha discussed some of the issues a teacher maybe faced with in a class. for example when dealing with a new group of students, the teacher should not jump into the course book immediately. the
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Unit 11 embodies teaching receptive skills, reading and listening. There are many different categories of motives for reading, such as reading for purpose or for entertainment. The unit also covered t
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In this unit, I have learnt the different types of conditionals. Zero condition: if/when+present tense, present tense. eg: If you finish homework before 6pm, you can watch TV. First conditional: if+pr
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In this unit about teaching special groups, I have learnt about the different types of student groups that we can have such as beginners and business English learners that are employees of a company.
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I think that the various aids used in teaching are often overlooked and not thought about. In Unit 17 I was able to see many different types of teaching aids that could be applicable to all types of t
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Atomic City
I learned that direct speech and reported speech are different in that direct speech is present tense and reported speech is speech that is restating direct speech at a later time. The five conditiona
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The unit defines parts of speech, explains their usage and roles.Also here we can find the list of parts of speech, their types and examples(sentence examples are great hence they demonstrate how and
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It is very important that the teacher starts a lesson with very good attitude as it determines the success of the lesson. The teacher in the second video is visibly engaging learners which works very
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Than you for this unit! So much useful information! Especially teaching a new class. It is important for the teacher to establish rapport with the students, find out about their interests and their le
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Managing classes has different factors, from the uniqueness of the students to the learning environment they are situated in. As the captain of the learning ship, it is up to us to control what we can
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Throughout this unit, I have reflected on my own personal experiences when I was in school and now in my current job in Japan as an ALT. Most schools in Japan prefer arranging class seating individual
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In any skill that a person is trying to learn and master, the person should must first learn the fundamentals, in order to better understand and comprehend how it works. Knowing the fundamentals helps
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To get a little personal, this is the unit I've been waiting for. It's great to read the theory of teaching method and mistakes to look out for but it really hits the point home to be able to see a li
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Bonners Ferry
In this unit, it introduces the teaching receptive skills: reading and listening. It gives the reasons for reading and listening such as for a purpose and entertainment. Also it gives some ideas how t
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The main idea I absorbed from this unit is to use the course book as scaffolding, work around the text book but mind that it relying on a text book can become redundant and may limit students. Based o
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The equipment and teaching materials presented in the unit is a mix of the traditional and the modern day teaching. With these teaching materials, the lesson becomes less teacher-centered. It reduces
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I learned that pronunciation is difficult to teach and there are many issues to consider. The placement of the tongue and air over lips or vocal cords all make a difference but can be very useful to h
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Butte City
This unit focuses on the importance of the course material. The course material is important because the teacher needs to be comfortable building lesson plans around the course book. The book should
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This unit is about the different materials used in teachings such as course books and learning materials. Some materials that can be used are authentic, meaning that they are done by Native English sp
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Through the exercises in this chapter, I have learned how to create an efficient lesson plan. These lesson plans are designed to act as a record for the teacher and future teachers, the are designed t
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Course materials is an important topic to discuss because teachers will work with a variety of materials for a diverse student base across their careers. Whether that be books, videos, news articles o
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As an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) in Japan, I have never produced test material for my students. ALTs are usually just tasked with editing and marking tests that Japanese Teacher of English (JTEs
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The reading and listening skill are vital skills to be learned and developed with a new language, for these are skills that enable a person to process the information and comprehend the details of wha
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As a good teacher while planning for a successful lesson should make sure that I engage the learners into activities that are of their interest to warm them for the lesson then now I can take them in
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This unit was direct and to the point. I understood the receptive skills needed and how to approach students with the knowledge obtained from this unit. It's extremely important to not to overwhelm th
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Clark Fork
Taking a step back form the content of unit 11 and it's focus on input related skills, unit 12 focuses on the opposite; output related skills. In unit 12 I learned the importance of writing and speaki
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This section was about conditionals and reported speech. In terms of conditionals it discussed zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional, and mixed conditional with th
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For this unit I learned how to properly teach Listening and Reading receptive skills. For my classes I like to have my students read out loud a brief article and then answer questions regarding the ar
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Coeur d'Alene
In this unit, we learned about qualities, the roles and responsibilities of learners and teachers. I feel that the most important thing I've learned from this unit is how to be self-conscious of how I
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The unit focuses on how to teach vocabulary, grammar and language functions. It gives criteria for selecting vocabulary the teacher can introduce in the class (appropriacy to the students / task,frequ
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It was somewhat long... however, it was informative. I learned about the basic teaching styles, and how to direct a class. It helped to learn about the Engage, Study, Activate style of teaching. I fee
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The unit gave good examples for basic educational tips. For example, the list of reasons for students to be motivated was very meaningful and should be reminded to the students when they become frust
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Chapter 7 has taught me many different types of material that relate to vocabulary, grammar, and functions. Whilst I understood the concept of both grammar and vocabulary's importance in language lear
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In this unit, I have learnt modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. First, it shows the usage of auxiliary verbs: may, might, need to, must, have to, have got to, should, ought to, should, can, coul
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Dalton Gardens
I feel that perfecting the grammar units is essential to becoming an effective teacher. This unit will give me a strong foundation and I'll certainly come back to my notes from this unit. As a native
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In teaching a new language (in this case English), it is important to keep note of the vocabulary, grammar and function of the language. The teacher must be mindful of the appropriacy, teachability an
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I didn't realize that there are twelve tenses but once explained, it does seem logical.I found this unit a bit difficult; it took me a while to comprehend the different uses of each present tense eve
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Unit 16 went over conditionals and compared direct speech to reported speech. Conditional statements use "if/when" and provide cause and effect for different tenses. This topic was one that I had to d
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This unit has provided me with examples of a good and bad lesson. Both lessons have highlighted the importance of loving what you do, especially when working with younger learners, who tend to be easi
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The lesson educates teachers on what their attitude can affect the success of the lesson. During the first lesson, the students appear confused and intimidated. This is because the teacher doesn't sta
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This lesson helped me apply most of the knowledge from previous units and put them into use with a lesson plan. I still struggle with boomerang style ESA, since I usually use Straight-Arrow style ESA.
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Lesson planning allows the teacher to plan out a path to master the language goals expected of students in the course. A lesson plan also is a working document the teacher can refer to during the less
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This unit helped me review the grammar I have learned at the university and school. I remember how difficult it was for me to learn English grammar and I understand how important it is for a good teac
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I liked this unit because I like English grammar! This unit is about future tenses, which is one of the most complex areas of the English language because it can express so many ideas! there are diffe
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The last lesson of this course was about trouble shooting. It included First Lessons with new and existing groups, establishing rapport, finding out about students, finding out about students needs, a
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in this unit, first, it tells the 15 different resources: white/black board, interactive whiteboard(IMB?? overhead projector, visual aids, worksheets and work cards, cassette recorder, cd player, vid
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