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Do you want to be TEFL or TESOL-certified in KwaZulu Natal? Are you interested in teaching English in Clansthal, KwaZulu Natal? Check out our opportunities in Clansthal, Become certified to Teach English as a Foreign Language and start teaching English in your community or abroad! offers a wide variety of Online TESOL Courses and a great number of opportunities for English Teachers and for Teachers of English as a Second Language.
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There are lots of theories, methods and techniques to learn English. First of all we learn a lot about grammar and translation in the state school sector. This section is basic though, students learn English rather than learn English itself. I think this is a main problem to other countries students who use English as second language. And about the Audio- lingualism. It is a theory based upon behaviourist theory of learning. It helps students would be conditioned into using the language correctly. The third one is PPP. Presentation, Practice and Production. It is believed that it is extremely effective in teaching simple language at lower level. But students are conditioned in control. So it is less effective to higher level students who already know a lot of English. The next is Task- Based Learning. In this section it is focused on tasks. Teacher just gives the tasks to students and they would get the marks and feedback. And CLT. Communicative Language Teaching. CLL, Community Language Learning. The silent way is the way of behavior of the teacher who speaks as little as possible. It makes students just discover by themselves. Suggestopaedia. It makes students feel relaxed and confidence just letting them given new names and traumatic themes are avoided. The other is The Lexical approach.