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Writing and speaking skills are just as equally important as reading and listening skills when it comes to learning. Although speaking skills tend to be practiced more while writing skills tend to suf
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Unit eight - Teaching productive skills. Unit eight has given me an understanding of penman ship, reasons for communicating in the classroom with one an other, as other students need different method
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Pronunciation is a topic tends to be overlooked by teachers due to a low confidence level when it comes to knowing all the details that are involved on the topic. There are a number of different facto
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Maintaining a balance between the usage of created and authentic material as coursework for students will allow for consistent productivity within the classroom. By relying too heavily on either one o
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Bank, Gauteng
Evaluating and testing create multiple different ways for teachers to go over the progress of students within their classrooms. It also allows for an area to see where many students maybe struggling a
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I learned about the different types of test there are and what's there purpose. I learned that there is a time for each test and to given. There's a lot of certifications out there that are design for
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this unit was very confusing because when reporting speech it depends on more detail like we don't know more in a simple sentence. what if ken is still talking on the phone and was asked what did Phil
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The words "if" and "when" are commonly thrown around throughout writings and speaking in the English language. For a majority of their usage, they are paired with some kind of hypothetical situation a
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Within the classroom setting there are a number of different resources that can be used to assist visually in teaching to the students. Utilizing a mix of these difference resources allows for the stu
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To understand the entirety that is the subject of grammar within the English language, would take several years of full time studying to comprehend. Having a brief overview of some aspects within gram
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A teacher should approach their job with an open mindset as they need to be able to adapt to whatever assignment they may take on. Whether they are going to be working with young learners or teaching
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Throughout the years of teaching, there are numerous problematic situations that may arise. Each one different from the last, while some maybe repeating offenders. Each time a problematic situation do
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In the Unit 3 was about the lesson planning. I have seen the different methods and in particular a very efficient one, which is the ESA (Engage, Study and Activate). I have learnt the different stage
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In this unit 5, I have learnt how to manage classes. How to use eye contacts, gestures, my voice, students' names. how to group students in three diferent ways: whole-class grouping, students working
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this unit is kinda confusing as a theoretical time-traveling physicist as the relative clause and other such obscene things haven't hadn't be having no place in the halls of space time and other celes
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In this unit 6, I have reviewed the form and usages of the different past tenses such as: the past simple, the past continuous, the past perfect and the past perfect continuous. I have seen bunch of i
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This unit 7 was about how to teach the students new languages such as vocabulary, grammar and functions. In deed, there are four things a student needs to do with new language: be exposed to it, under
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MNy teaching materials and equipment can be used to make lessons more interesting, effects and less dependent on the textbook. Teachers put effort to be able to be more interesting depends on the stud
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In this unit 9, I have seen how to plan a lesson and why it is important. In deed, there are numbers of important functions when I write down my lesson plan: it is an aid to planning, and it shows me
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Bring a teacher has is a big responsibility in order to learn his or her students. Teacher should know the type of students or class before he or she start the class. Different type of class has diffe
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This unit 10 was based on two videos. Those two videos show the same class and the same teacher but different approaches. the first one is what a good teacher shouldn't do whereas the second one is wh
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As a holder of the 120-hr TEFL Certificate, on reviewing this Course's titles, I expected quite a bit of repetition. However, I was most pleasantly surprised. This Unit has gone a step further to e
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This unit spoke of the historical theories of learning and development as it applies to 'Young Learners' specifically and the effects of different teaching methods across the board. Also, the relation
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This unit speaks of Course/syllabus design, methods of course development, testing and evaluation and also, the various Levels and requirements of the different international examination bodies. What
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In this unit, we discussed the relation of using appropriate materials in the classroom to assist in maintaining order and discipline, while representing a structured methodology with the assistance o
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Henley on Klip
This unit looked at different media, activities/games to energize and excite the young learners' classroom. It showed a structured method of using each medium to achieve a particular goal: whether it
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Training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all employees, but many employers find the development opportunities expensive. Employees also miss out on work time while attendi
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This lesson is very importance. Teachers who are skilled at communication, classroom management and appropriate discipline techniques create a positive learning environment. Although being well versed
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This lesson is very importance because learning methods limit the amount of customized training that each employee has access to. With corporate eLearning globalization, you are ensuring that each emp
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This lesson is very importance everything that requires constructions made from materials, requires knowledge of how the different materials will behave and react to one another and their environments
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Kempton Park
this lesson is very importance The knowledge of the epistemological, cultural and political movements which defined, from a historical perspective, the understanding of the field of teacher education
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This unit 11 was focused on the teaching receptive skills which are reading and listening. I have learnt that we can divide the reasons and motives for reading and listening into two fairly wide-rangi
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this unit 12 was focused on teaching productive skills, which are: speaking and writing (including games). Even though they are different in many ways speaking and writing are both used for the same p
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In this unit,I learnt some representative theories about teaching children, like maturationists,environmentalist,constructivists,etc.And I also learned some layouts of the classroom and the benefits a
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Unit 3-Course Development 1)Level testing Five Levels: Starters,elementary,pre-intermediate,intermediate and upper-intermediate. 2)Need Analysis To know their previous English learning experience and
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Unit 4 Materials 1)Authentic and Non-authentic Materials AM:Not designed for the class NAM:Designed for the class 2)Lesson Planning Why do we need it?What should be on?How do I use it?(Don't rely on i
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In this unit 13 I have seen the importance of the course books and lesson materials. the advantages and disadvantages of using a course book. Basically, I should replace some lessons or part of the sy
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In this unit 15, I have seen the importance of evaluation and testing. The different ways to assess a student's language level: tutorials, evaluation by students and tests. In other words, I have seen
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The unit 16 was focused on two grammar points conditionals and reported speech. Therefore I have reviewed the zero conditional, the first conditional, the third conditional and mixed conditional; for
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There are some examples concerning a teacher’s personality; being kind and patient, loving teaching, being entertaining. The other examples think the relationship between the teacher and students; g
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In my opinion, the best way of improving new language skills is that offer interesting and funny activities or games because playing is usually fun and I believe not only young children but also peopl
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There are methods for managing class; first using eye contact, gesture and the voice, and grouping students, I think the best seating arrangement for a class is circles and horseshoes because it is op
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For several teachers it is difficult to select the appropriate lesson or activity, others might complain about whether use the course book or not. This unit said course books are controversial issue s
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I agree that English learners who are surrounded by English speaking environment have more opportunity to improve their English skills. Since I am not an English speaker as first language and had stay
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There are several different ways to evaluate students’ level and progress. It said tutorials are hard to be used every lesson because they spent some time. In evaluation by the students, it can be u
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A good teacher should really love teaching. Because students do not always participate well. Even if you do not attend classes or attend classes, you can do something else. Teachers must take such chi
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Students are motivated, exposed to English, and need an opportunity to use English. ESA training is divided into Engage, Study and Activate. This is the most effective way of teaching. It is important
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A good teacher may or may not be extroverted. However, you can find your own style according to the teachers' tendencies. In order to be effective, teachers need to inspire and motivate their stud
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At any level of instruction, students are exposed to language, understand their meaning, learn how they are structured, and practice it. Classes must be balanced in terms of grammar, vocabulary, and f
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The reasons for teachers to write a lesson plans are to ensure that the lesson plans are stable. Some people think that classroom planning can make more teacher- centered classes and rigid classes. Ho
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