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Pronunciation is a topic tends to be overlooked by teachers due to a low confidence level when it comes to knowing all the details that are involved on the topic. There are a number of different factors that go into trying to teach pronunciation but can be severely overlooked by a teacher because it is sometimes hard to recognize when someone is speaking. Since we speak English on a daily basis, we don't really recognize how our mouth changes in certain ways to accommodate how we say really anything on a daily basis. If you were to pay close attention when you try to say certain words, you would then recognize how your tongue will sometimes touch the roof of your mouth or how the air flows through your mouth whether its around or over your tongue. Details such as these are what can be deemed as intimidating to teachers when it comes to trying to teach pronunciation and phonetics to students. However, if someone is able to grasp all these details and become more confident in their knowledge of phonetics and pronunciation. the students will benefit greatly from the knowledge that is overlooked by many.