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M.M. - Ireland said:
This course has provided me with a great basis for teaching english as a foreign language on which I hope to build by following on with the teaching english to young learners and the Business english courses. I was happy to see that through my previous english education I was well prepared for the grammar units and I enjoyed the creative side of planning lessons. I feel confident that should I start teaching a class I would be well able to prepare for identifying as well as meeting the students’ needs. The course made me realize how much preparation work is actually necessary to be a good teacher so that lessons are enjoyable for both students and teacher alike. It also made me see that a detailed lesson plan is an essential tool especially for new teachers as it helps structure and organise the material for each lesson first in the teacher’s head and then on paper allowing him/her to establish a balanced approach and fine tune each lesson. I think that especially when starting out as a TEFL teacher the material supplied throughout this course will be a useful guide, reminder as well as help for solving potential problems a teacher may be faced with in the classroom.