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This unit was useful as it clearly defines the differences and challenges faced by teaching different types of students. I think the most useful part was the needs analysis table and I think it will b
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I am so excited to have finished the coursework for the TEFL course! This last unit is useful as a springboard for the first few classes of my career to build rapport with students and ensure that I
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I only realized that being prepared before the class starts was one of my good points. Being prepared has always been my way of teaching. Because it does not only saves time, but it makes everything f
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The ESA lesson got me confused there. It made me realized that I should not only understand how ESA works but I should memorize and learn it by heart. I was able to understand it so easily but to put
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For me, attitude towards the topic and the students has a profound effect in the success of the lesson. Being a teacher, I always try to build connection first from my student before I start my day wi
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I still need a deeper understanding on how the Engage, Study, and Activate work. For example, in engage stage, this is the part where you give a topic based on the interests of the students. Know what
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Now, I have a better understanding about the ESA lesson but I still need a lot of improvement. Knowing the difference between accuracy activities (correct language) and fluency activity (experiment/be
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I am aware that there there are different kind of test, which are placement test, diagnostic test, progress test and practice test. Thou I am not totally familiar on how one differs from another. Plac
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Boompie Alleen
Unit 3 gave me a large perspective of different teaching methods, how they can be used, which kind of methods are the best in different situations etc. There was several ideas for engage-phase, activi
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This lesson focused mainly on briefly introducing a number of language acquisition techniques as well as explaining the reasoning behind the ESA methodology and how it is an effective tool for languag
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In this lesson I learned that for practical purposes I should consider the overall number of tenses in English as three times with each time having four aspects. The main focus of which in this lesson
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In this unit the topic of classroom management was discussed and the various methods for dealing with all phases of the classroom experience. I feel that this unit dealt with one of the most important
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In this section I learned about the past tenses, it was much easier to go over this section because of the last section about the present tense. I gained a greater understanding of the four tenses in
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In this section I learned about how to introduce new grammar, vocabulary and functions. I really found the methods to introduce vocabulary incredibly useful because of the factors that influence how d
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This unit covered the future tense, and the most common tenses used to express ideas about the future. I didn't realize that the present tense is sometimes used to express ideas about the future. Whil
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Unit 5 gave good instructions how to manage the class. There are many different factors beyond the successful learning. A teacher has a big role how the students feel about their class. There are many
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Unit 6 was about the grammar of the past tenses. They are past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. The past tenses relate to past actions. During the unit 6 there were
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Unit 7 was about teaching vocabulary. Knowing the vocabulary is important so the students are able to use the language. As a vocabulary item is important to know what's the meaning, the use, word gram
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Unit 8 was about future tenses. There are different tenses that can be used to describe actions in the future or something that is most likely to happen at the present. In unit 8 there was seven most
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Unit 9 was about lesson planning. It's important to be well prepared before going in front of the class. First of all, I think that a good lesson planning is also about timing. It's polite to be prese
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It was interesting to watch these videos about teaching the class. It's important, what kind of attitude the teacher has and how he or she treats the students. It's important to have proper manners an
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There are many different ways to read and listen the text. Everyone has an individual way to learn, so I think it's suggested to use many different variations in a class for teaching. The texts and to
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Unit 12 was about productive skills; speaking and writing. Writing can be more difficult skill than speaking, because while speaking, you can always correct the things you just said. Instead while wri
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Unit 13 was about pronunciation. I think that phonology is as important as teaching students to write and understand English text, because wrong pronunciation can lead to misunderstandings. Unit 13 wa
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Unit 14 was about course books and materials and different methods for teaching. I think it's important to have organized books for learning, meanwhile the teacher should bring other material for stud
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This unit covered the information needed in order to write an effective lesson plan. It also discussed the importance of flexibility in the planning of your lessons in order to be able to adapt during
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In this unit I watched two examples of an ESA demonstration class. In the first video the teacher made a number of mistakes that were corrected in the second video. One mistake was the use of high con
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In this unit I learned about the four basic language skills, reading, listening, speaking, and writing. The focus of this unit was the receptive skills (reading and listening) and how to effectively t
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One most important thing in class is management and organization, I learnt that eye contact,gesture and voice are main parts of teaching in the classroom, from time to time teachers must look at the s
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In this unit I learned about the various methods for how to teach pronunciation in the classroom. I learned about how to use the phonetic alphabet in order to help students with their pronunciation of
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In this lesson just like the previous EFL methology lesson it discussed about the usage of PATCH WORK ESA, STRAIGHT ARROW ESA,BOOMERANG ESA lessons, Here in teaching a ne language to begginers we need
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Very mixed up with the future tense, got confused with the ( FUTURE PERFECT and PRESENT PERFECT )but by watching the VIDEOS I had a much clearer understanding specially with the usage of each tenses,
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Here again the ESA structure of teaching is tackled, as in making a lesson plan the teacher must first write general details such as how many students are there, what classroom number. A lesson plan i
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The Video lesson was interesting, watching both I had an idea to how really conduct lessons that may be more interesting and understandable for my future students, eye contact, calling of names and pr
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Receptive skills are very needed in learning a new language, Reading and listening, We read for two reasons, one is for information and next is for entertainment or leisure. In teaching a new language
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Another two receptive skills talked about here in this lesson is Speaking and Writing, it was said that commonly writing is ignored in teaching a language and it is always just given as an assignment
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At this lesson were taught of how to teach phonemes and phonetics to the students, I had a hard time learning to read the phrases, But show how I`ve improved in 3 days. The manners of articulations ar
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This lesson gave me a new look in using just the course book for teaching English, One is being lazy in learning the lesson, topics and not providing created materials, I have learned that Teachers sh
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Test and examinations has an important use for Teachers to really check on the progress of the class and if the students are really catching up with the lessons, 1st the teachers uses assessment test
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In this lesson, Conditionals had explained well the identification of Zero conditional, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and mixed conditional, were in the usage can be for future situations, warnings or threats for 1st
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The discussed lesson here about the materials used in a ESL classroom, give me more ideas of new technologies like Interactive white board , I have not experienced using one and have not used it even
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unit 4 is about the present tenses which can be divided into : Present simple tense ( subject+base form +(s/es)for the affirmative, (subject +auxiliary verb "do"+ not +base form ) for the negative an
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5.classroom management is the skill of organizing and managing the the class , having a friendly , relaxed manner and maintaining discipline in the classroom . Thus in this unit i have learnt the di
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In this unit I learned about how to evaluate and choose the material to teach with in the classroom. The main focus was on how to select course books and when to use both created and authentic materi
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In this unit I learned about the uses and different ways in which to evaluate students in a classroom. I learned about the role of the various types of examinations and how to ensure that students are
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In this unit we study the past tenses which comprises of the past simple, past continuous, past perfect past perfect continuous and their uses. that is, a clarification of which tense to use in a past
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this unit has helped me to know how to teach the different vocabularies to students. how to select these vocabularies, what students need to know about these vocabularies. more so, introducing gramma
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In this unit I learned about the conditionals and reported speech. I learned about the way in which they change from direct speech to reported sentences. The information on the conditionals was really
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planning a lesson chronologically has been a problem i have been facing. This unit has helped me to know how to plan a successful lesson be able to carry it out efficiently and effectively. more so, i
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Paul Roux
this unit has been the most practical unit. the unit has demonstrated a practical situation of two classes. With the two lessons, the teacher did not do well in the first lesson by not clearly explain
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