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In this unit I have learned more aspects of the complicated topic of the pronunciation and the phonology. Many learners have a hard time polishing their pronunciation, that is why us as teachers sho
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In this unit I have learned how to use the course books and other material. The course books present many advantages (they have tried-and-tested syllabus and are pretty well balanced) and disadvantag
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Learned a few things from this unit as it was mostly review or applying pasts units more to teaching the language. It was nice to see the ESA structures being used in more examples and as well as the
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The future tenses seemed mixed of both difficult to understand as well as finding some easy techniques to figuring out some of the techniques. The hybrids (present continuous etc.) were harder to gras
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This unit was purely opinion based on how a teacher instructs a class. Choosing how they create a lesson plan is completely preference based and extremely difficult to take a test on. Different ways t
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Bar Nunn
In this unit I have delved deep into the variety of official English tests: TOELF, IELTS, TOEIC; and all the Cambridge Assessments. Besides, I have gone through the ways to evaluate students' levels a
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This unit reviewed a great way to appeal to receptive skills. Gaining the student's attention and motivation would only enhance the experience and also make teaching whole lot the lesson significantly
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Bear River
This unit just put emphasis on how equally important both Writing and Speaking were and one is not to be neglected over the other. The games for the lessons have pretty much been the same and can have
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Big Piney
This unit made extremely tough and tedious. The phonetics and syllables information was confusing and difficult to understand. The size of the unit was also pretty intimidating however all of the cont
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During the time I have dedicated to this lesson I have learned how to deal with all the conditional forms in English: the zero conditional, the first conditional, the second conditional, the third con
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The different types and stages of tests seem to be more like checkpoints and footing on how to move forward. Diagnostic testing gives a nice idea of where to start and the progress tests help keep tra
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In this unit I have learned several things regarding the use of technology in the classes. Every single listed item has been described in order to provide a greater view of its advantages and disadva
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In this unit I have gained insight regarding the modal verbs, the passive voice, relative clauses and the phrasal verbs. The modal verbs are: could, can, may, might, should, ought, must,be able to, ha
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In this unit I have touched upon how to teach to special groups in class, understand their singular characteristics and satisfy their needs avoiding typical problems. For instance, when teaching Busin
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This unit provided a nice recap of teaching within the classroom as opposed to the past few units that was more suited to the knowledge of the teacher. The information given about teaching either youn
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In this unit I have learned many effective strategies to deal with problematic situations. It is obvious that the first lessons should be aimed at finding out about the students, getting thus to know
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This unit is closely related to Unit 3. If one does not understand the basics discussed in Unit 3, then most likely, he or she won't understand this module. I learnt that in learning a new language, w
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Unit 8, which discusses Future Tenses, can be really complicated but this module really helped in clarifying the differences by providing easy and understandable real life examples. Personally, I tend
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This module teaches us the importance of lesson planning and how we can structure our lessons so we can run a module or lesson smoothly. Though sticking to a lesson plan is very important especially f
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The video lessons shows not only the importance of having a structured lesson plan but also a good attitude when running a class. In the first video, the teacher showed everything that a teacher shoul
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This module basically emphasizes the importance of receptive (reading and listening) and productive (writing and speaking) skills. In teaching receptive skills, it is very important to identify the pu
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This module discusses the two productive skills which are the speaking and writing skills. Both are very important in assessing the student's accuracy and fluency in the English language. Though writi
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Unit 1 of this course is about all the different characteristics or aspects of being an English teacher and learner. At the beginning of the course you step into the role of the teacher, which in itse
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Unit 2 was an introduction to grammar, which briefly explained, and gave examples to the different parts of speech. There are 8 parts of speech: 1. Nouns. 2. Adjectives. 3. Articles. 4. Verbs. 5. Adve
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It's very important to try and anticipate any particular problems that the students or teachers may have with the lesson. Therefore responsible teachers should follow lesson plans. Every teacher shoul
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Honestly from this unit I can't concentrate my thoughts because I have never used video second time However it would be better if I had it.I am responsible for my lesson and I eager to teach my stu
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East Thermopolis
In this unit I have learnt about the various types of roles that a teacher can hold within a class. This is important as it shows how a holistic and well rounded teaching style can really make a diffe
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From this unit I realized that I have to prepare some distributing materials for my students in order to increase speaking and writing skills. Speaking is not easy in front of audience However writi
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Elk Mountain
Pronunciation is probably the most neglected aspect of English Language teaching. In that case I teach students more carefully and attentively because pronunciation of the words the most important sph
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Firstly I would like to say that unit is perfectly written and I eager to teach students with this book because it has a lot of useful information about Language and about teaching also.I decided to t
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I have three the most reasons to apply for the tesol online course are Participating and studying.After completion of the course I will get benefit in following areas: I will be one of few professiona
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Fort Laramie
Even though I grew up with grammar lessons in school, English eventually became very intuitive for me, and I have not worked with grammar rules for a very long time. This unit has been extremely usefu
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In this unit I have picked up the various teaching methods that can be used in a language class setting to provoke and encourage learning. Based on the differences in the demographics of the students,
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In this unit I finished full English grammar.Basic rule of this unit is verbs. Therefore verb is the main aspect of the sentence. Without verbs sentence does not exact mean. Modal verbs also importan
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Teaching beginners requires special skills and psychology, it means every mentor should pay more attention every freshman. Teacher should be aware of their student's needs. Teachers should have clear
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Finally,I would like to express my strong interest to take part in Tesol online course.My professional background, which I started as an English teacher in school and I was closely engaged to teach pu
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Grand Encampment
Unit 7 presents several techniques to teach new language. Students need to be exposed to new language, understand its meaning, understand how it is constructed and they must be given as many opportuni
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Unit 8 introduces the future tense system. The future system is one of the most complex areas of the English language because there are many tenses and ideas that can be used to express future meaning
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Green River
Unit 9 presents several aspects of how to plan lessons. Although lesson planning might create more fixed, teacher centred lessons, it is also true that less experienced teachers will have difficulty t
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Unit 10 presents two videos of two different lessons about modal auxiliary verbs. In the first lesson, the teacher speaks about the subjects in a very confusing way, immediately making questions with
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Unit 11 introduces the four basic skills present in any language: Receptive skills: reading and listening. Productive skills: speaking and writing. All skills are equally important and every le
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Unit 12 presents the productive skills - speaking and writing. Although these skills are different in many ways they are both used to communicate with others. Therefore, when introducing a communicat
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Unit 13 discusses the issue of how to teach pronunciation of the English language. Different pronunciations of the same words may convey very different meanings to those words and reflect different fe
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Unit 14 discusses the issue of course book usage in the classroom. Course books are usually comprised of a set of different materials, from the traditional student’s book to multimedia content. The
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Unit 15 presents several different ways of evaluating student’s level and progress: Tutorials: done individually or in small groups they provide an opportunity to bett
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Unit 16 discusses two very important language features: conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals are sentences containing conditional expressions such as ‘if’ or ‘when’ that refer to pa
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Unit 17 presents a comprehensive overview of different teaching aids that teachers may use to make lessons more interesting and effective. Here is the list of such teaching resources: - White/blac
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Unit 17 presents the last parts of the essential basic English grammar discussed in this course: Modal auxiliary verbs, Passive voice, Relative Clauses, and Phrasal verbs. Modal auxiliary verbs are:
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Unit 19 discusses what skills and techniques are needed when teaching special groups: beginners, individual students, children, business people, and multilingual classes. Beginners are students that,
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La Barge
Unit 20 gives a final overview of the most common problem situations that teachers might encounter in the classroom and suggests several ways to deal with those situations. Sooner or later, every tea
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