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D.F. - Korea said:
Coming from a different field in my under graduate and graduate course studies I always found it difficult to get a good grasp on the grammar rules and proper application of the english language. I never really felt totally comfortable or at ease in the classroom. My heart was never really in teaching it was something of more that I felt I had to do. But after studying this course I feel more free and confident in putting into practice the theory and the practical applications of my studies. First and foremost each unit in the course has really helped me review my grammar knowledge (some of the most difficult parts were the grammar. However in saying this I still feel like I will need to keep on studying grammar even after this course as this course has made me aware of just how challenging and complex certain grammar points are). Even though I have only been studying for a month I really feel like I have learned a lot from this course and I am so thankful that I took it when I did. In the past I have had limited experience writing lesson plans, but now I feel comfortable with them and have a clearer idea of how to conduct a classroom lesson. The Units have given me a wealth of valuable information on teaching techniques and strategies for making the classroom more enjoyable, relevant to the students, and varied for continued success. Even though I already worked as a teacher I never really knew how to teach like a teacher. Of course I have tried to come up with my own ideas but a lot of times lessons have fallen flat in certain areas or have never really got off the ground. The potential was there but I didnt know how to harness its success properly. These activities mentioned throughout the course (activate, engage, study activities) have definitely added to my repertoire and will come in handy for future usage. The course has also helped me to think about how I need to structure a lesson, and because I have written several lesson plans, the ESA way of thinking now feels like second nature. I believe I can now give more relevant information to the students, and enact interesting and varied classes that have a learning goal and if I stay focused I can reach that goal effectively. I will also keep the lesson materials as a valuable resource and will definitely be using the lesson plan formats to guide me when coming up with classes in the near future. It has at times been a very challenging but overall a very rewarding experience. Now if someone asks me Can you really teach english? I can reply with more certainty and confidence. I would highly recommend this TESOL course to other people who are serious about teaching. Thank you for the experience of growing as a teacher and believing in myself more.