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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

K.M. - Japan said:
I have been a missionary in japan for 28 years. During that time I have taught english as an outreach and help to the community where I minister. Ive had the opportunity to teach all ages and in various situations. I began this course in order to encourage a friend to take the course. My friend will be starting a ministry in Japan in the coming years. I knew that having a TEFL certificate would be helpful. God has given me ability in teaching and have done well in english teaching. Ive developed over the years various teaching aids and philosophies that have been effective in teaching english to japanese. So I wasnt anticipating gaining much from this course accept the certificate. However, taking this course has really helped my english teaching ability. The grammar study lessons greatly sharpened and defined what I had pieced together over the years. The teaching methods, ideas and organization taught in this course has rejuvenated my teaching enthusiasm and effectiveness. Id fallen into a rut in my teaching and this course encouraged me to take a second look at everything. Now, instead of just showing up at a school and winging it, I go with a plan and excitement to see how the students will respond to what I have planned. This new school year which began in April, I approached the teachers I team teach with, with new ideas. Together we are making new lesson plans and so far the students are responding with greater enthusiasm than before. I hope to continue to study and improve as a teacher by using the methods Ive learned from this course. I have and will recommend ITTT course to my english teaching friends. Thank you.