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E.B. - U.S.A. said:
As I have been on the french as a Second Language side in a multilingual class, unknowingly I have already participated in the ESA style teaching method. To add to that I have been a substitute teacher in Elementary, Middle and High schools here in the States, so following a lesson plan, walking around observing and answering questions has become fairly ‘easy’. I think the best thing for me with this class has been that it has brought a different perspective and a much higher respect for teachers than I already had. In my mind, if you are teaching english, because it truly interests you then it takes time to prepare the lessons and then modify where necessary for each course you teach, as there will always be a different group of students with different levels and perspectives that will be brought to the table. The two newest pieces to, if you will, the puzzle of teaching is the lack of using phonetics more to learn correct pronunciation, so I find myself wanting to learn phonetically how to write and then to incorporate it into all of my lessons as an activity. Also, going to an actual company to teach; this has intrigued me. I like this idea as I have always wanted to learn everything! We have a saying at my work of “train the trainer” in this case it would be “teach the teacher”. This would be a good way to teach in a company setting, I think, by having individuals/groups teach, in english, what they do for the company to the rest of the class. I have found that when people start teaching others how to do something, they invariably come up with new ideas a new perspective on what works and what doesn’t. It is also their comfort zone! This is something they do every day!! So show me, but say it in english.