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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

L. P. - Italy said:
During the completion of this course I've grown noticeable as an english teacher, both regarding my technical skills and my confidence in the classroom. The areas where I have gained the most would be my personal familiarity with english grammar, my ability to plan and organize lessons, and my creativity regarding exercises and didactic games. Like most native english speakers, I often run into difficulty explaining exactly why we say one thing as opposed to another. The grammar units in this course were well-needed reviews. More specifically, however, the grammar units were very useful for me because they I used them as a model for thinking about and explaining grammar. I've already noticed that my grammatical explanations in the classroom have become more concise and precise, thanks to the work I've done in this course. Perhaps the area in which I've grown the most professionally is the way in which I plan my lessons. Prior to completely this course, I never considered setting an objective for myself as an educator. This is a great practice, however, as it keeps me thinking not just about the material, but about the presentation of the material. Also, I realize now that before taking this course I gave far too little attention to student talk time versus teacher talk time. I'm much more sensitive to how much talking I do in the classroom, and I've significantly increased the amount of time that my students spend speaking. Lastly, I found the introduction of "phases" into my lessons have made them smoother and more productive. Thinking about the class as several phases has also pushed me to make my lessons more variable and engaging. I will certainly continue to use the lesson planning skills I've developed during this course in the future. Finally, this course has made me a much more creative teacher. In part, my repertoire of exercises and games expanded by simply reading the suggested activities in the units. I feel I developed the most, however, thanks to the lesson plans that I was asked to create and the ideas I was asked to supply. I've already used several of the exercises and games I invented during the completion of this course in the english classes that I teach with success. In the future I hope to become even more creative and dynamic, providing my students with new and exciting games to help them engage with the english language.

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