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The parts of speech that every ESL student should learn are: nouns, verbs, helping verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, prepositions, articles, and conjunctions. Obviously they will be introduced ind
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The difference between the two videos is vast. Video 2 showed how attention to basic organization, good interaction between students and teacher and amongst students in the groups, clear instructions
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I appreciated the way that this lesson added some context to the previous lessons. Of course it's important to know verbs, grammar and vocabulary, but it is more important to know how to present these
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Central Falls
A lot of my own education has been through the classical method, and I am well aware that it is not effective for language learning. Now I know why. I found the development of the many different teach
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Apart from just learning english, teaching process implies permanent communication. Teacher should also be a decent speaker and psychologist, because the learning progress significantly, if not treme
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This module went over the productive skills, speaking and writing. I learned of various ways in order to increase student participation and lower their anxiety/boredom. 3x3 choral drilling is a very g
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This was another challenging lesson. The phrasal verbs were especially difficult and will require most study. Although I've been through the material several times, I still have difficulty identifying
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This was a very informative lesson on actual classroom activity - how to prepare for, organize and present material to the students. The concept of having a plan to follow throughout the lesson is cri
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East Greenwich
In this lesson, structure is basically everything and highlights on why it is so. The teacher needs to be flexible to provide room for the students growth and development within the language. If not t
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East Providence
Unit 20 actually answered some of the questions I have in mind in the past units. It was indeed very helpful that the last unit of this course focused on troubleshooting on the problems that EFL teach
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In this unit I learned of the different tests used in evaluating students and what each test if for. There are differences between tests such as one to monitor progress and to test what needs to be re
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I wasn't aware of the various external examinations available for learners of English. Depending on a student's reason for studying English, teaching towards giving students the opportunity to excel a
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I found the usages challenging to differentiate, particularly between the past perfect and past perfect continuous tenses. The activate ideas will be very useful once I begin teaching. I always though
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It is fun and kind of a different way of having an exam like this. It is very challenging and really gets you going to see if you can read phonemes. I am surprised of how the test was made especially
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This unit may be one of the most important parts of the course, because it considers the teacher-student interaction and drives at the point where you reflect upon how to conduct a lesson. Thereat, li
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This unit answered a lot of questions that I had regarding the presentation of material. It also raised more questions and uncertainty as to which sources to use for teaching aids. The lesson presente
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Wow, that was a tough lesson. Completely new material for me. I will need to continue working on the phoneme symbol chart. The patterns of intonation were also difficult to detect in some cases. I'll
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Little Compton
Overall, tenses seem to be easier once the initial idea behind them is understood. What I mean is that from having done the present tenses module this is more of the same, albeit in a different tense.
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This was a very informative lesson. The ability to connect with the students is, of course, essential to running an effective class. Learning about the use of eye contact, gestures, use of the voice,
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In english language the verb is surely crucial to conveying accurately any type of thought, idea or consept. Thus, clarity in understanding of the way how it works is essential for successful languag
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New Shoreham
Although much of this unit appears, on the surface, to be common-sense, it is clear that distinctions need to be made between various teaching methods and ways to understand students. There's a lot mo
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This Unit is a little difficult for me to answer since it involves a lot of things to remember. You really have to analyse before you can come up with your answer. It defines various techniques and me
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North Kingstown
Unit 16 presents the nature of conditionals and reported language as well as their use and application to actual life. This unit is actually a direct application on what was taught and learned from th
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North Providence
The most important thing for me in this module was the reinforcement of the various methods in teaching ESL. Before, I had learned that ESL is made up of Engage, Study, and Activate sections. This mod
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North Smithfield
Teaching is a very demanding job as it normally requires teachers to exert all their energy so they could facilitate learning inside the classroom. But this challenge is being minimized or being surpa
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This lesson seemed to be mostly common sense, but still presented many perspectives that I wouldn't have thought of. Course books seem to be used in every course, but are usually dry, boring, and poor
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This lesson was very useful in that it showed what an actual class lesson would be. It showed the teacher doing a poor lesson and then it showed another video where the teacher conducted a good lesson
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I am glad to know that this topic is also covered in this unit. For me, it is very important to know the types of tests to be given to students so that it is clear on how to gauge them. Sometimes, oth
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This was a pretty straight-forward lesson without much in the way of complicated material. Still, it was valuable to learn of the teaching processes and techniques, as well as tips and things to watch
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There was a ton of information in this module! I that pronunciation has many moving parts when it comes to teaching. An example of this is the "Place of Articulation". The tongue has to move up toward
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This unit was helpful in teaching me what receptive skills were (reading and listening) and how they are taught to an ESL student. As always these modules make sure to take into the ESL student's poin
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South Kingstown
This lesson provided me with an outline of how lesson planning works and what makes up a lesson. For a lesson to be successful it must have direction followed by how this direction can be carried out.
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This module can get pretty confusing, though the way direct and reported speech is explained in the lesson is clear. I learned about how having someone report what was said can be be worded pretty hum
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This module was short, but packed with useful information. I learned about the pros and cons of of a new group versus a pre-existing group and how to handle each. Specifically, I learned that it is im
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I`m sure that troubleshooting is a major consideration in managing a successful class. Students will have different levels of prior exposure to the English language, learn at different speeds, have di
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West Greenwich
As with the previous modules on tenses, the future tenses module goes over each of its tenses and provides usages plus examples. Future tense were just a tad bit trickier because it had all the same k
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West Warwick
This information helped me understand the different needs of students in the classroom when it comes to teaching and their education. What I mean by this, are things such as seating arrangements/desk
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This module has a good deal of info to read and understand. I feel as though I learned quite a bit about the different needs of different groups. For instance, children need lots of engagement, and va
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Another very interesting lesson. Reading and listening are critical aspects of language, and must be taught effectively. From studying Spanish and trying to use it in Spanish-speaking countries, I kno
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