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This unit discussed the various tools that can be used in modern classrooms and the advantages they carry. Simple tools such as cassette tapes and whiteboards to WIBs and OHPs. All have specific advan
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This unit discussed conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals are sentences with the word "if" concerning past, present, and future possibilities. Teaching the students how to properly breakdown
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This unit covered modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. Through understanding these topics, the students will be have a greater ability to speak and understand native speakers of english. Through
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This unit emerged in the many requirements of an educator in different teaching situations. How an educator teaching in a one-on-one class is required to be more personal and goal driven. How they mus
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In our final unit, we covered many problems that could possibly arise in the classroom. If students become reluctant to speak english or use their native tongue instead, confirm that you are explainin
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To be honest there is nothing new for me. Since I`m non-native speaker I`ve learned all these rules before because all of them are fundamentals of English grammar so I think it`s essential for everyon
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Beacon Falls
It is commonly known that we use a lot of future tenses in our daily way of communicating. there are common errors to be on the look out for yet it should be known as a easy flow of words - perhaps th
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It remains important to prepare yourself to teach. This will include doing a flexible plan yet objectively pacing yourself to achieve the outcome desired with your students and the same from a teachin
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This unit helps to teachers to remind what learning another language is, when teachers were students and need some motivation for learning the language. On the other hand, the unit allows the teachers
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The most interesting things that I liked about this course and found valuable to help me when teaching is to know that based on what kind of grammar lesson you are teaching you may have to approach t
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It was a difficult unit personally, due to different scenarios the teaching strategy may go during the lessons. it was helpful reading all the different activities for students for each stage it were
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Basically the unit helped me get some ideas, activities for my lessons with students with basic English language, they may know this theme, however, it helps to overview the theme in an effective and
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This unit was brief, it did not confuse me due to I had knowledge (or idea) about the past tense, however the questions here in the test from 5 to 8, were confusing. Same case as the unit of present t
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Learning different methods of teaching in relation to teaching learners of foreign languages is vital to the success of the learning process. To gain insight as to what style best suits a particular g
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I have come to realise that it is rather important for ESL teachers to master the different forms of present tense so as to give accurate and valid explanations to English learners the reasons why in
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Classroom management is probably the most important skill to master in ESL teaching as this could determine the success or failure of the lesson. I have learned from this unit the significance of good
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Although I have already learnt much of the past forms, it is good to be refreshed of the functions they hold in various situations so as to achieve better accuracy when using them. To have a solid fou
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It is great to learn more techniques in the application of ESA lesson styles to ESL teaching particularly the proper methods of making lessons and activities relating to lexical choice, grammatical st
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To achieve accurate knowledge in the use of the different future tense structures is one of the key skills ESL teachers need to have in order for them to be successful in this field of teaching where
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To be able to create a blueprint of the flow of a particular lesson in the class and to allocate the expected time duration of each part as well as to anticipate possible challenges that may transpire
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It dawned on me that if ESL teachers effectively execute their lessons by using the ESA method of teaching, the success rate of learning is higher. The different strategies of ESA encompass the tradit
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While various methodologies in ESL teaching are available to teachers to employ in their respective classes, most of these focus on certain targets and follow a particular pattern so as to ensure smoo
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In the field of ESL teaching, the integration of the four skills (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) in every lesson while following the ESA styles of lesson planning is of utmost importance. T
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As a teacher, I believe that there is more to teaching students what they need to know in order to be successful in the course of study they are taking as far as the subject matter is concerned. Thus,
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In acquaring a new language, the unit emphasizes in the importance of the experiences or exposition the student has to the language.It also mentions how important it is to comprehend definition,unders
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It is imperative that ESL teachers should know the different materials available to them and to choose with utmost care the most suitable materials for a particular group of learners as there are mate
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It is truly a vital skill for an ESL teacher to know how to make proper evaluation and testing of his/her students so as to know the most suitable level a student should be put into, scale the student
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This lesson was difficult,identifying all the characteristics and details involved, to differentiate one from the other.it was very helpful in paying attention to exactly how some details can alter a
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This unit is about reading and listening skills and how they should be engaged in a lesson. Interesting enough it points out what a great role pre existing knowledge of the material to be read or list
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Speaking and writing as productive skills emphasize the importance of encoraging students to create. it is important that the teacher does not pint points small errors , or spelling errors or structur
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This unit was very enriching though complicated. I have to agree, as it is mentioned in the unit, the most difficult aspect in learning a language is pronunciation. One is very aware of other peopl mi
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This unit highlights the differences in the resources teachers have in order to prepare a lesson. It underlines the two major types of resources which are course books or creative materials and the di
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English will never be complete without grammar and teaching the language will never be effective without utilizing accurate structures and tenses to convey the intended meaning in our language. Master
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Analysing this unit content it was not clear how to present such elaborated material to students whos English is a second language. It gave excellent information of the varieties of speech forms and w
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Exciting and motivating are the words to describe how useful this unit was. To learn about the ample variety of tools and instruments available to enhance the teaching learning experience. Specifica
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This unit stresses on the basic grammar skills related to verb tenses ,mostly "modals"which are words or phrases used to to emphasize or add purpose to the main verb.This auxiliaries aid the verb in s
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Deep River
This unit was very enriching for it provided tools to keep in mind when engaging in the teaching english as a foreign language experience and having knowledge of the population to be approached.The un
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This unit provided a help guide when confronting difficulties in the classroom.It was filled with techniques ,activities and strategies to use when managing a class setting with beginners, when the gr
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I believe the goal of this unit was to introduce the importance of choosing what to teach, as well as giving a chance to consider what methods might be best for different goals. I feel that this unit
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East Granby
The purpose of this unit is to increase understanding of present tenses and their uses. Up until now, I had never considered how many tenses we use for the future. I had also never thought about how w
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East Haddam
This unit emphasized the importance of being organised when conducting a class through preparation of a lesson plan. It also discussed the importance of flexibility in class planning to allow for a be
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East Hampton
This unit sought to give a visual example of the errors this course has been trying to warn new TEFL teachers against as well as the behaviours and techniques this course has been trying to teach. The
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East Hartford
Unit 11 was on the two receptive skills; listening and reading. This unit emphasized the importance of teaching both skills as both are necessary for proper comprehension of language. The focus of thi
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East Haven
Unit 12 focused on the productive skills of speaking and reading. It once again enforced the idea that results are much better when students are interested in the topics being used in the classroom. T
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East Lyme
Unit 13 attempted to explain how to teach spoken English in a more effective manner. It emphasized the importance intonation and word emphasis have on the meaning of a spoken English sentence. It also
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East Windsor
Unit 14 is about the advantages and disadvantages of using textbooks versus creating one's own materials to teach classes. This unit argues that both have their advantages and disadvantages, so a good
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Unit 15 discusses the importance of assessing students and the necessity of testing. Assessing students regularly is how teachers keep track of students' progress and are able to plan lessons that wil
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Unit 16 addressed the formation of conditional sentences and sentences indirectly reporting what someone has said. The rules for both grammars are quite complicated and very flexible depending on the
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This unit gave a brief overview of how different equipment and resources could be used as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each. This unit also encouraged the teacher to look at what is ava
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Unit 18 covers the remaining grammar points that are most commonly taught in EFL classes around the world. Modal verbs, phrasal verbs, and passive voice are all explained. These grammar points are exp
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