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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

R.A. - Egypt said:
Now that I've reached the end of the course I have to say that I've learned many important aspect, most of them how to make a lesson plan, how to manage time and divide the stages of the lesson activities. This was very important to me. From each unit I've got a benefit: Unit 1: I've learned that there are some factors should be considered before planning your lesson, such as the students' age, level, and culture. Unit 2: It was very good review for me to review the grammar, and be aware of parts of the speech. Unit 3: This was one of the most important units to me, since I've learned different types of lesson planning, and this was new for me, I was not aware of how to classify the lesson into engage, study and activate. Also I learnt new activities to be used through the lesson. Unit 4: I reviewed the present tense, which was a very good review to me also the same in unit 6 and unit 8, where I reviewed the past and future tense. Unit 5: If I learned the importance of classroom management, where to maintain discipline in the class is very important, and how to do this without making the students hate the teacher. Also how to arrange the classroom according to the type of activity performed in the class. Unit 7: In this unit I've learned many techniques which helped me to implement important aspects such as grammar and vocabulary. unit 9: This was a challenge lesson to me, this was the first time to me to learn lesson planning, and I must admit that I've learned a lot about lesson planning, how to implement activities and plan them. Unit 10: I loved this unit because it helped my listening skills, and also I gained very good teaching ideas from lesson number two in the CD. Since I liked the way the teacher introduced the lesson. Unit 11 and 12: I've learned in these two units the important of respective skills (reading, listening, writing and speaking). Also I've learned how to improve these skills and help the students to use these skills. Unit 13: I loved this lesson, learning phonetic is a very important for a teacher, since language is not only writing and listening, but also speaking. Unit 14: In this lesson it showed me the importance of the course book but also I've known many important materials to be used beside the course book to be used in the teaching process. Unit 15: In this unit I learned new types of tests I didn't know about before. Also I've learned the importance of evaluation. Unit 16: In this lesson I thought of myself as a student, since honestly I've learned conditional and reported speech as a student. Unit 17: It was a good review to me, to review different teaching equipments. And it reminded me to use for example the cassette recorder which I didn't use for a while, and planning the lesson plan, was very useful to me because I decided to use the cassette recorder and implement it in my class. Unit 18: Again in this unit I felt as a student and it was a very good practice for me. To review Modals, phrasal verbs, relative voice and passive voice, I really forgot about some points of them which I didn't use for a while. Unit 19: I got new information from this unit, since I never faced a situation to teach to a multilingual class before. In this unit I had the chance to imagine teaching to such class to find the difference between this situation and my current situation. Finally I must say I've gained a lot through grammar review, planning a professional lesson plan, teaching techniques and equipments. Also I enjoyed every minute through this course.