Qualifications Inclass TEFL

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R. W. – U.S.A. said:
The greatest benefit this course has afforded me is a more comprehensive and explicit understanding of the basic mechanics of the english language. As a high school english teacher and SAT preparatory instructor, the primary thrust of the courses I teach are literature and the finer, more obscure features of english grammar. Equipped with what I have learned from the exposure in this class to the more fundamental aspects of english, I will be able to delineate those rules and conventions for my EFL students much more readily and with more confidence. Additionally, though I do have a U.S.-recognized certification to teach ESL students, it has been a while since I have had to deal with non-native speakers of english on a larger scale. This course has acted as a refresher for much of the concepts and methodology that I had learned before, and has provided insight with regard to the subtle differences between ESL and EFL. With these tools at hand, I expect to be able to facilitate my students' acquisition of english in a much more efficient and effective way.