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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

S.R. - South Korea said:
I have gained lots of knowledge and information on how to teach english to students with a different native language to english. For me, personally, I have learnt a great deal about english grammar, although I use english grammar every day I was unaware of how to explain or categorise it. I have become much more aware of the tense system and which tenses are used for which uses, although I did struggle a great deal with this to begin with. I feel very confident now with lesson planning, something which in the early stages was quite difficult for me to do. I think I am much better at thinking of appropriate activities and how they would be conducted in a classroom situation. I have also gained valuable information on how to plan work suitable for different levels, and overcoming difficulties with teaching mixed ability students. The wide variety of tasks, activities and games which have been introduced to me has given me a great starting point for my first year as an ESL teacher. I will be more confident in the classroom as a result. I have also come across many resources online which I think will be invaluable and people who share their experiences and ideas for the classroom. This offers a whole wealth of reliable and practical information. I already have some experience of classroom management and issues around disruptive behaviour but it is not something which I know a great deal about. The unit which covers this was particularly helpful in making me feel confident in eliminating some problems, and it has given many practical tips on this subject which I would not have considered. The resources on course books and classroom materials was also very useful to me, as I would not have known there were so many resources available to make teaching and learning more fun. I think, overall, the most important thing I have learnt and found beneficial is to keep the atmosphere in the classroom fun and relaxed and to make learning an enjoyable experience for the students. I think this is the basis for successful ESL teaching. I am now teaching english in South Korea and I am currently putting everything I have learnt, and more, into the lessons to enhance the student’s learning. I feel I have some good blocks to build on. I know my learning is far from complete but I look forward to the challenges this year brings. Thank you for the invaluable tutor support and feedback, I have taken all onboard.