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M.B. - Japan said:
This course has been quite interesting for me. Probably the most important thing that I got from this course was a solid grammar review. It is amazing how when not forced to review grammar, the fundamental building blocks seem to disappear. Of course, using the grammar is not a problem, but having a solid enough grasp of it to teach it at any given time is something different. Personally, the most important section was the phonemic alphabet. I have always ignored it, perhaps in the hope that it would just go away someday. Of course, this is not the case. I hope to put aside some time soon to actually learn the phonemic alphabet. I think it will be necessary to learn it well enough that I can teach it without any doubts or having to check my notes etc.. I have found a lot of materials online, so the resources are there, I simply have to get around to studying them. The biggest problem with including phonemic work in class work is that it takes time to learn and unless the students are very highly motivated to study it, there may not be any value in teaching it if they only get a brief overview.