Preparation TEFL Cert

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

J.H. - Germany said:
I have gained a snap shot of what is involved in teaching. Although the course now gives me a certificate I feel that there is still so much to learn about teaching. It is an area that I can continually develop. I also believe that much will be learnt by doing (teaching) in the coming months and years. Although the on-line course fitted into my life situation, I feel I still need some actual teaching practice. This being best achieved by both watching other teachers and having experienced teachers view my classes and providing feedback and suggestions. So I hope to fill this gap over the next few months. Personally I struggled with the grammar units. I realize that this is an area where I can improve and this feel more confident teaching. I enjoyed many of the units and loved the poem about pronunciation. I felt I did well with the lesson preparation, so hope that this will hold me in good stead when starting out. I am looking forward to preparing the lessons and materials, and plan to get a new computer which should make this even easier and allow me to more easily adapt materials to specifically meet the classes needs. My motivation to do the course was to provide me with some skills to teach children at my daughters local school in Germany. The mothers asked that before the 3rd class (where english is first introduced as part of the curriculum) that the children have some exposure to english. They hope that this will make learning english more fun in the 3rd class and that their progress will possibly be faster. I will now follow this course with the specialized course in Teaching Children. In addition, I have support from the teachers in the local school. So I feel that together we can give the kids a good feeling about english and a small head start before its compulsory. I have some mothers who want to improve their english, so the teaching might extend to parents of the school kids as well! All in all I hope that I can contribute to the new community I live in and make learning english something that the kids view as fun and not just another lesson in their school day.