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T.D. - Australia said:
When learning the english language, it’s one thing to be born into the language and another to take the time to learn how the english language is constructed. For me, personally, the way that I spoke was almost always correct but I never took the time to ask why it is correct. After taking the TEFL course, I’ve accepted the fact that although I am fluent in english, I still have a lot to learn about the intricacies and complexities of what my native language has to offer. I felt this course, as a whole, was exactly what I needed in order to become a better teacher. Overall, it helped answer a lot of prior questions I had about being a teacher. From the number of activities offered to the methods of teaching given, these 20 units will be hopefully be used effectively as I continue teaching english in South Korea. Even though my students may be too on a beginner level grasp all this material on a whole…the teacher methods and theories I can apply to my own classes.