Flexible TEFL Course

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S.P. - U.S.A. said:
This course has been more difficult than I expected it to be. Ive taught at camps in the czech Republic and Poland but always with people certified in TESL. I have enjoyed those times very much as I love to teach and feel I have some gifting in this. But the teaching I have done has only been for a week or two at a time. Needless to say, those classes have not included nearly the depth of study in the english language that this course has covered. I have thoroughly enjoyed the things I have learned and the many aspects of language study that I recalled from many years ago. I have gained an appreciation for how much more I would need to know to teach an advanced course and at the same time I am energized when I think of how I will enjoy teaching beginners. I believe I can handle teaching an intermediate class with the acceptance of the fact that I must study more. Ive gained even more of an appreciation for my mothers strictness with us in our spoken english. She was relentless and now with a trained ear, I often know when something just sounds wrong. This course has helped me identify WHY it is wrong. Being asked to put my teaching ideas into formal lesson plans forced me to think them through in a logical order. Doing so many of them, I found it easier and easier to develop the ideas I had and make them flow. I will say, I like one segment to segue into the next. Many times when I wrote that an activity was study and another activate, I felt it was hard to make such a hard delineation. I have appreciated having the extension in time to finish the course. I wasnt sure I could do this with all I have had on my plate with full time care of my sister. But honestly, it was wonderful to have something to focus on other than cancer. I started this course with 5 other people. Unfortunately, I am the only one to have completed it. I am, however, very happy to have done so. How am I going to use this course? It has been my plan for a long time to live in Prague and work with people there I have worked with for the past 19 years in building churches. I will use what I have learned here in various ways there. There are several camps every summer with which I can help. I want to learn czech once I am there and hope to exchange study time with a national. I believe I will have other opportunities like working with young mothers and their children who want to study english. I am very happy to have this and I expect to continue on. Thanks so much Jon for all you did to help me.