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J.T. - France said:
Being a native speaker of english, this course has opened my eyes to the complexities of the english language that I never realized it had. I used to have the perception that speaking english meant you could teach it well, but this is definitely not the case. Ive learnt that in order to teach the language, the teacher must first understand it from a students point of view and apply teaching methods as well as plan lessons accordingly to the students needs. The course has given me many resources and pointers to start out as a teacher of EFL, although it is difficult to say that I have acquired complete confidence in teaching english at this stage. The online course has given me plenty of theoretical knowledge, but I will need to now seek teaching practice as a priority. Gaining the certification from this course will hopefully open more successful opportunities for me to secure an english teaching job here in France, particularly in the business sector or at english learning institutions. My next plan of action is to go and observe a teacher giving an english lesson, and there is a local english learning institution The Wall Street Institute, which will hopefully allow me to observe a few lessons in action. Overall this course has allowed me to part with a better knowledge of how the english language works, and that speaking it doesnt necessarily mean one can teach it!