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B.F. - U.S.A. said:
I definitely have a clear sense of what each lesson will look like in outline. The engaging activity followed by study and a culminating creation is a great pattern to follow, and will be a basis for teaching until I feel confident enough to try the boomerang etc. I am hoping to start my own ESL class in a multi-lingual section of Chicago, and so I will be referring to the lessons on hand quite frequently. The lessons themselves, the references, the examples, all will be helpful. Much of the philosophy of TESOL is part and parcel of being a teacher, and I have been in the classroom for over 25 years. So, much of what I learned was a refresher course, but a needed one. I was especially surprised at how much grammar I needed to review. Thanks for that. I realize this course is just a start, but it was a good professional start and I am glad I took it. I’ve gained a certain measure of confidence, and am motivated to build from here.