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A.A. - Cyprus said:
Undoubtedly, this course helped me get a good knowledge about english grammatical and phonology systems as well as skills and techniques that required for successful language teaching. It was a great experience and I strongly recommend it to everyone who wants to teach english as a second language or find a job in a country where english is the native language. Moreover, it was my first online course and I don’t regret applying for young learners as well as Business english. I can’t wait!!!! In addition, it has been one of the best decisions of my life as it has broadened my horizons. I will now feel more confident when teaching english in my students and make creative and well-organized lesson plans. The course was very practical with the help of the video that I received. I watched the video many times and I was so excited because I could see the mistakes of the teacher during lesson 1 and compare them with lesson 2. The video was really helpful and I recommend to ITTT to put another one during the course because PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. My tutor was always helpful and gave me great feedback and support. In conclusion, with this course I now feel passionate with english language and I have decided to apply for a Master in english as a Second language in September 2011. This course will definitely help me during my Master degree. I will never forget the quality of this course and I will certainly advice my friends in Cyprus to start the course!

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