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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

S.R. - Malaysia said:
I have gained a lot of information from this course especially the teaching methodology and creating lesson plans which I have never really made use in previous classes I have taught. Besides that, this course has taught me on the ways to identify different level of students in order to plan the lessons suitable for that particular class. Furthermore, I have increased my understanding on the various forms of grammar and skills needed to present the ideas in an interesting manner. Furthermore, I have also had an opportunity to learn about the various material and activity websites which could be used in english classes. Apart from materials, I have also attained knowledge in class management and methods of overcoming problems faced by students in class. Besides that, I’m able to prepare different type of test and evaluate student’s progress at different stages of study. Meanwhile, I was also surprised to learn that teachers need to have knowledge regarding the different teaching aids to help them in managing a good and interesting class. Overall I would say that the whole course material was very dynamic and changed my outlook as a teacher. My course instructor Peter was very helpful throughout the course period and gave a lot of encouragement and constructive comments for my betterment and moulded me into a skillful and proactive teacher. I would like to thank him personally here for all his efforts , patience and continuous support which enhanced my growth into a better individual and a vibrant teacher. I plan to use my knowledge from this course to conduct classes in small groups in my town and promote english as an Interesting language to study especially in communicating with others. Once I have achieved this target, I would have enough funds to open up a language centre which caters for different levels of students and conduct classes for various purposes of studying english.