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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

D.S.P. - China said:
When I decided to do this course, I will admit, I was a little bit skeptical. I have done a four year degree in teaching before this course and I was afraid of having to repeat old material and not learn much. You could say that I was forced to do this course in order to get necessary documents. The truth is, however, that I needed this this kinds of course to give me more confidence in the classroom as a EFL teacher. To begin with, I think that I will constantly need to review my grammar knowledge because there are always elements that I think I know well but are actually more complex than I once believed. By the same token, I have also gained more confidence in approaching grammar. This course has made it more accessible than other courses that I've taken in university TESOL courses. I am happy to know that I can grasp the major concepts with relative confidence because this was initially the scariest part for me. I will be able to refer to some of the grammar units at times, since they have effectively synthesized most of the grammar usages into digestible portions. I understand that a teacher should always be learning more complex forms of speech and grammar structures, but a simplified reference can put some of the information into perspective. I have also gained more confidence in making workable lesson plans that fit with second/foreign language needs. I have made plenty of lesson plans before but my limited experience in teaching english as a foreign language has been comprised of teaching classes on the spot and improvising. I am starting to have regular classes and I will definitely use the lesson plan structure provided in order to organize a few lessons in advance. They should help me to stay organized in class and feel confident with the flow of activities. I am also very excited about the extensive list of reference materials and websites that ITTT has provided! I am absolutely going to use many of the resources that are found in the links and that I can search for in the library. For instance, I'm planning to use many of the interactive reference dictionaries, activity ideas, and grammar lessons that are provided. I also know what too look for when designing specific learning objectives for learners from different language backgrounds. In sum, I am actually confident that my decision to go through with the course was an ultimate success. I plan to use it to travel even more and to explore the international school scene.

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