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A.C. - Australia said:
I did some language teaching in the past and although I remember it as a rewarding experience I now realize how crude my teaching methods were. Teaching is not a matter of simply imparting knowledge, but also about developing interpersonal, management and organizational skills. Students have to be kept interested and attentive to the subject of study and this can be done by using all kinds of resources available. In this way there will be always something new and the students will be looking forward to that. Nowadays with the internet is easy to get new ideas for all kinds of activities, exercises and learning games plus all the experience and tested methods that other teachers are willing to share with others. There is an endless stream of resources. I particularly appreciate the insight about teaching english to young learners having as a model the way kids learn their native language at home. I don't have any children myself but I understand now, how parents speak to and celebrate every moment of a child's development. It is really interesting to put in practice this unique approach. Motivating students along the way encouraging them to experiment an play with the language. Its important to be tolerant to the students errors and mistakes when they are making such an effort to produce english. It is good to be prepared for every lesson. In this way you can anticipate any problems and have solutions at hand. Students are not silly. They can tell wether you know your subject or not. I think having a detailed lesson plan is important at least for inexperienced teachers like myself. I think there was a lot of important material covered in this units . The course itself will be an important source of consultation when I eventually start teaching. I think I will have in mind the most practical aspects like organization and planning. Through real experience , all the information covered in the units will come back. I will apply what I have learned adapting other knowledge and understanding I can get from the experience of other teachers. I will test the methods through trial and error. This time I will be more prepared.