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Another excellent and useful unit on how to teach first lessons and new courses, to large classes and even how to teach reluctant or discouraged students. Establishing good class rapport is so essent
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Methodology: Grammar-translation ,Audio lingualism ,presentation-practice,and production,task based learning, communicative language teaching, community language learning ,the silent way, suggestopaed
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Present tense: Present simple present continuous present perfect present perfect continuous The tenses simply show the time of an action or state of being as shown by a verb. The verb ending is chan
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The classroom is an environment of delicate balance that merits attention at every turn. Just like a juggler, the educator is required manage multiple components at once, and do it all without droppin
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Past tenses: Past simple(The past simple is the most common way of talking about past events or states which have finished.) Past continuous(The Past Continuous tense expresses action at a particular
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Teaching vocabulary:is very important to the students especially at the early stages . Grammar:students need to know what the language mean ,how it is used ,what the grammar structure is and how it is
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It's all about time. Things can happen now, in the future or in the past.The tenses simply show the time of an action or state of being as shown by a verb.The verb ending is changed (conjugated) to sh
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Bela Bela
A lesson plan is a lesson “project” written down on paper. It is only a “project” because a lot of unpredictable events occur in the classroom. It is also a dreaded part of instruction that mo
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after watching two classes video i realized several main differences between lesson one and lesson two such as : the teacher 's attitude to the students the student's attitude toward teacher student
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Reading and listening will help you develop language intuition. It's all about putting lots of correct sentences in your head. Then your brain can imitate them, producing similar sentences to express
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This unit consisted of different ways to manage a classroom. For example, knowing when to stand and when to sit down make a difference because standing can make you more dominant whilst sitting can ma
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In this unit we learn more about international phonetic alphabet and how can methodically teach English pronunciation and phonology rules to our students. Phonology is the science, analysis and classi
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Within this unit we look at the variety of materials that teachers can use to aid their students’ progress in the classroom. It covers the differences between authentic and created materials and how
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Gravelotte, Limpopo
In this unit, I learned about Ways of teaching, grammatical structures, and language functions. For example, teaching vocabulary inquires: selecting vocabulary, techniques for vocabulary teaching, and
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conditionals: zero conditional:if/when+present tense ,present tense first conditional:if+present simple,will second conditional: if+past simple,would/could/might+base form third conditional:if+past pe
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in this unit we look at different teaching aids can be used to make lesson more interesting, effective and less dependent to the textbook. Following are some of the resources often found in classrooms
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In this unit we explores two other grammar points that teachers need to be familiar with in order to teach English language learners. It covers the subject of modal auxiliary verbs, including their u
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This activity was more about lesson planning and what you should do & use for successful lesson planning. There was also an example of a lesson planning chart in the reading that, I think, everyone sh
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Louis Trichardt
most common problem that teachers will encounter in classroom: -First lesson: New group:in this group students don't know each other and will be needed to establish rapport between the class members.
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Marble Hall
The content of this unit include the different roles of a teacher and student and gives a broad and helpful explanation of what makes a good teacher and how to avoid unwanted classroom antics. It also
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The content of this unit is based on basic English grammar. I have learnt a lot regarding grammar in which a few things in which I wasn't aware of previously have now been cleared up. I have learnt ho
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This unit focuses on different techniques and methods that are used in teaching. I have found this unit particularly useful as I have been able to witness different ways to engage a student by using d
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In this lesson I learned about the ways a bad or good attitude can have an effect in classroom teaching. The students seemed more confused and unable to grasp what the teacher was learning in the firs
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This unit gave a lot of information regarding classroom management and showed me ways in which I can organize my classroom to help the learning of my students. Not only did it provide helpful informat
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In this lesson I learned about productive skills and receptive skills. Productive skills are speaking and writing whilst receptive skills are reading and listening. I also learned how to identify thes
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From this unit I have learnt how important teaching vocabulary is, I have learnt some new techniques that will help me teach my students their key themes and words. I have also seen how grammatical st
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In this chapter I learned about the many different types of conditionals used in the English language such as zero, first, second, third, and mixed conditionals. I also learned a couple different gam
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This unit has shown me how to create a lesson plan and what points I need to establish and stick to while carrying out my lesson. I have learnt that it is important to always be prepared and to have a
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In this leeson I learned about the various types of classes: Multilingual vs Monolingual, Individual classes, young learners, beginners, and business classes. Each class has their own pro's and con's
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As our students don't live in an English speaking environment and English is acquired language for them we should make the process of learning easier. That's why teachers usually use a huge variety of
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Grammar and especially tense system of any language is the area that causes students the greatest amount of difficulty. As we all know English has three different times: the past, the present, the fut
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