How to Pronounce 'YOUTHQUAKE'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word youthquake. This word describes a change in cultural standards brought about tastes and values by the young population. The word is a combination of youth and earthquake indicating the power of the young.

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the was a great unit was able to link units 3 and this one together. was a great way to reinforce the different teaching styles. Every thing in this unit will come in handy for teaching classes and plying with new vocabulary. As a teacher I will want my students to get the most of their lessons and presenting new words and phases in the right way is very important.In this final unit, we were introduced to a variety of techniques that can be used to evaluate students and measure their learning growth. The students may take a variety of assessments based on the what you are trying to learn about the student. For example, initially, you will want to give the student a placement test to see where they should start their studies.