How to Pronounce 'WHODUNIT'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word whodunit. This word describes a mystery or detective story that can either be a movie, a book, a play or anything to that extend. It is basically a short form of the words Who has done it?, meaning who is the criminal / murder in the story.

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Unit 3 outlined the important theories and methodologies required to better enhance the teaching process. These theories and methods provide a solid foundation to enhance the teaching process by making use of the Engage-Study-Activate approach. This approach outlines and defines each step within the learning process as well as the difficulties associated with each.Included in lesson planning should be information about the level of the class, lesson aims and objectives for the students, as well as teaching goals as an instructor. The importance of reflection and self-evaluation after the lesson is noted. It’s important to remember to anticipate lesson and learner problems and challenges and to solve these ahead of time.