How to Pronounce 'UXORIAL' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word uxorial. This word is used as an adjective and describes things or habits relating to a wife. The word comes from the Latin 'uxor' meaning wife.

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This unit took me some time as it has been decades since I have been required to actually break down a sentence to all of it's parts. I certainly don't remember much from previous education in regards to gerund's and superlatives. It was a helpful unit in reminding me of the functions of the parts of speech and in the order that words should go according to their proper use.I've learned that ESA appears to be the most effective method for teaching students, because it has several approaches that the teacher can use, including Straight Arrow, Boomerang, and Patchwork. I like the idea of eliciting what the students know, studying language points to improve or enhance knowledge, and giving the students to use this new knowledge through activation.