How to Pronounce 'TENET'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word tenet. This word refers mainly to princibles of a religion or philosophy. Some synonyms for tenet can include principle, belief or doctrine. The word comes from the Latin word tenere meaning ‘he holds’.

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In this unit, a brief overview of typical problems and basic advice on how to cope with such problems were discussed. For example, some advice on how to begin a course (with ice breakers and rapport building activities) and how to handle very large classes (pair and group work activities) were noted. Also, advice was offered on what to do with quick finishers.This unit discussed the many tools that can be used in an EAL classroom in order to improve student learning and decrease a teachers workload. If students use exclusively computer programs in order to improve their english I feel like their learning experience would not be high quality. Technology should be used as a tool rather than the sole focus of instruction.