How to Pronounce 'PUNDIT' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word pundit. This word is a noun and refers to an expert in a particular field who is often consulted by others. Suitable synonyms for pundit include expert or specialist. The word has found itself into the English language from the Sanskrit word 'pa??ita' meaning ?learned man'.

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This unit compares reading and listening skills and discusses the difference between reading for fun and reading to achieve a goal. Likewise, it goes over how people can read things differently. Either they can read the whole thing to understand the topic completely or read through some of a piece of writing to get a general idea, but not a comprehensive idea of the topic.This units is based on troubleshooting.To begin with immediately a teacher gets into a class after greetings he/she needs to do some warm ups to keep the learners moody and draw their attention before the proper lesson begins.Also not all the student are of the same level,some are more smart than others so teachers must be able to handle this situation while being in class.