How to Pronounce 'PERSEVERATE'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word perseverate. This word refers to the continuity of something, especially repitition.

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I have learned from this unit that it is very important to assess each student's learning behavior and pattern. As the teacher it is of value to be able to accommodate the best teaching style for the overall class' success. This session has taught me that I must be willing to \"play\" the different teaching roles in one class which is both challenging and exciting.Both the structures of present tense and past tense pose a few similarities with its usage of tenses. For example in present continuous tenses and also with past continuous tenses, we need to add \"-ing\" at the end of said verb. Students may feel confused about the usage of both tenses but with adequate role plays and exercises, they will soon get a grasp of it.