How to Pronounce 'NONAGE'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word nonage. This word refers to the period of youth of a person as well as the lack of maturity of a person. Synonyms for nonage are minority and infancy.

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This unit was about introducing new vocabulary, grammar and functions and what is involved in those actions. I learned from this unit the importance of selecting vocabulary that is right for the students i'm currently working with, and what they need to know about the Vocabulary, Functions and grammatical structures in order to properly learn and remember them and their uses.This unit taught me how to read and understand phonetic script and how to teach proper pronunciation to my students. I learned about Intonation and how to identify stressed words in a sentence. I have learned how to compare voiced and unvoiced consonants. Further this unit taught me different teaching methods and techniques which I will be definitely using in the classroom.