How to Pronounce 'LEVIGATE'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word levigate. This word is used as a verb and refers to the action of reducing a material to powder or a smooth paste. The word originates from the Latin 'levis' meaning 'smooth'.

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This unit is the continuation of the lessons in parts of speech, which is very important for new language learners and teachers alike. The teacher needs to be more conversant with the application of these tenses and be able to clearly elucidate that to the students. This chapter could be a good reference for learning how to teach and I class work reference proper.Many teachers do not focus on writing because they tend to focus on speaking more. However, speaking and writing are equally important skills when learning a new language. Accuracy and fluency are also equally important. Accuracy focused activities are more controlled and the teacher has more control. In fluency focused activities, the students control the output.