How to Pronounce 'JINNI' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word "jinni". This word describes an entity or a spirit in Muslim beliefs that can take human or animal form and influence human with supernatural powers. The word came into the English language from the Arabic word "jinn?" that can also mean demon.

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Unit eleven discusses receptive skills, reading and listening. Each one is equally important. I particularly liked the sample patchwork ESA example in this unit (as well as on this quiz) as it gave me ideas as to how to achieve a task and complete a lesson plan. I do not learn well by reading, but this lesson showed me that reading is still necessary to properly teach students.In this unit I learned about the pro and cons of different teaching methodologies, some of which have influenced the ESA method. I also learned about the ESA method and how to structure a class using different models (straight arrow, boomerang etc.) depending on the level of the class. I liked that there were a lot of examples given for different activities to use during class.