How to Pronounce 'INFLAMMABLE'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word inflammable. This word is used as an adjective and refers to something that is easily set on fire. The word originates from Latin inflammare.

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Unit 4 covered present tense forms and they were all broken down into affirmative, negative, and question forms. This unit was very helpful to me because although I know these principles when I speak I never focused on the names of them and the breakdowns. This was a learning opportunity more for myself. I felt as if everything in this lesson was familiar but new.I have learned about the form, usage and activate teaching ideas for 4 present tenses. The format repeated itself for each tense and made a sometimes difficult section easier to understand (examples are always helpful and clearly illustrate what is being taught). The biggest challenge in the Task section was how you would explain an error and correct the student.