How to Pronounce 'INCULCATE' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word "inculcate". This word is a verb and describes the act of teaching something through frequent repetitions. The word can be traced back to the Latin "inculcare", meaning "to tread on."

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If students understand conditionals and use this grammar without problems in daily conversation, it may allow students to study academic topic in English. However, teachers need to make the class fun because students tend to get bored with grammar lessons. Preparing activities is a must. Teachers can get students to make scripts to play a role, using conditionals.This unit laid out an overview for the course as a whole. It set up the order of topics and acted almost as a table of contents for the entire course. Additionally, it set some expectations for what teaching young learners may be like by defining the term and briefly going over what each type of teaching environment, private versus public for example, may be like.