How to Pronounce 'GIBE'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word gibe. This word can be used as a noun and as a verb. Used as a noun, it describes a taunting remark and when used as a verb it refers to the action of making a taunting or insulting remark. Synonyms for gibe are taunt, sneer and insult.

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This unit was much more difficult than the rest for me. Because of the layout of the unit, it was very easy for everything to blend together. Differentiating what's suitable and not suitable for specific phases for individual topics (grammar, language, and vocabulary) became tricky with so many lists. Towards the end of the test I was beginning to see how it makes more sense.Very interesting to watch and observe a teacher demonstrating what exactly should not be done during a lesson, in contrast to how a lesson should be conducted for best results using an ESA lesson plan. I found the videos very useful in understanding how a teacher can make a smooth transition from one phase into next without losing students' interest. Overall a very good unit.