How to Pronounce 'ESOTERIC'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word esoteric. This word is used as an adjective and refers to something that is either intended for or can only be understood by a certain group of people with a special interest or knowledge. Synonyms for esoteric include abstract, abstruse and obscure. The word originates from the Greek word es?terikos.

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This unit centers on the use of tenses.It helps the teacher to improve his/her grammar skill.I learn how to make sentenses uses correct tenses.with a good knowledge of tenses,both teachers and students can communicate fluently in English. Uses correct tenses is always a big problem most especially to speakers of other languages.This is great unit to improve myself.It is helpful to administer tests to students. The placement test is helpful to place a new student in the appropriate class level. The diagnostic test is similar to the placement test but more extensive. Progress tests allow the teacher to assess what language has been retained and what has been forgotten. Practice test are helpful to prepare for an external test.