How to Pronounce 'CAPTIOUS'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word captious. This word describes a person who likes to point out flaws and errors and enjoys raising objections to other people's statements or opinions. Common synonyms for captious can be critical, faultfinding, and judgmental.

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This unit gives a good description of the different levels of learning and understanding of knowing how to teach accordingly. Basics of the teachers roles and responsibilities to encourage and motivate students to their comfort. Different cultures and ages will have different etiquite and the teacher must know the appropriate approach and method during a subject.Before completing the unit, i knew nothing of the problems related to teaching reading and listening. I enjoyed learning how to tackle this through the use of different language, topics and tasks. I like the outline of the lesson plan for teaching receptive skills; I find these outlines to be extremely helpful for someone who doesn't have a background in teaching.