Ask Linda! How To Pronounce: "Futile"


In this episode, Linda takes on the pronunciation of the word "futile". Enjoy the episode! Linda is a German/American ITTT alumna, teaching English in South Korea. Be sure to like and share this video if you find it helpful.

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Lesson 15 evaluation testing we started with a discussion about on assessment is in order the difference among testing, assessment, evaluating. Assessment can be done in many ways, and I learned that testing only is one of them. Whatever methods or formats are used assessment must always follow a set of principles which guarantee assessments validity and reliability.This unite contains good basic information about English parts of the speech with a lot of examples. This information is highly important, as any sentance brings the meaning that we need , as teachers, to understand and be able to build the sentances in a right way. I have learnt new exceptions, which are important to be memorized by heart in order to avoid mistakes.