OTP Demonstration Lesson - Iban - Wish


In this lesson Iban covers the uses of ?wish?. Iban starts the lesson with an activity to warm the students up before covering the lesson point. He ends the lesson with activities to give the students practice using the language point he has taught.

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this unit is focused on teaching special group. in teaching a multilingual class,The students have no common language other than English and that is a very big advantage for the teacher. i learnt the technique for teaching beginner classes such as Teachers need to give clear demonstrations/instructions. a teacher should Keep activities short and vary them as often as possible.In this section I went in depth with the productive skills of speaking and writing. I was taught when is a good time to engage a students writing and how to encourage them to be more comfortable with speaking. I was also taught about a few games that would come in handy in the classroom. When I decide to use a game I must ensure that it is fun and educational at the same time.