OTP English Lesson - Richard - Study Phase - Modal Verbs Through The Tenses


"In this video, our OTP trainee Richard introduces the topic of modal verbs. They are used to express ability, possibility, permission or obligation. Richard also introduces modal verbs in different tenses such as the past and the future to his students. ITTT's Observed Teaching Practice courses (OTP) are ideal for teachers wanting to improve their teaching skills remotely from anywhere in the world."

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As a student I can agree that created materials are often more interesting than a course book's required materials. This course has offered many ideas as to games, activities, and supporting materials. I look forward to using my own limited artistic ability to prepare activities (when necessary) for my students. I will also be thorough in my search for coursebooks.I think this unit is useful for considering some extra problems that I may encounter when teaching English to foreign students. I hope that I can make my lessons suitable to whatever situation I may be in and whichever demographic of students I am working with. Many of these ideas I have already used and considered but there are many other ideas that I can use too.