OTP Demonstration Lesson - Iban - Present Perfect


In this demonstration lesson Iban covers the present perfect tense. He starts the lesson with a warm activity. He then goes on to focus on the tense in more detail covering the structure and usage. He ends the lesson with activities to encourage the students to use the language point they have learned in the lesson.

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I was greatly relieved to study this second unit. I believe that I have a very good command of the English language but my one weakness was in understanding grammar and grammatical terminology. Not only has this unit been incredibly helpful, it has removed any doubts that I held in regard to understanding the grammatical workings of the English language. Thank you.This unit introduced me to a number of methods helpful in arranging and managing classes. I learned about various ways of grouping students, different eye contact, gesture and voice usage, and the importance of teacher's position in class. I also became more aware of reasons behind problematic behaviour and ways in which such behaviour can be limited or prevented.