EFL Sample Lesson - Engage Phase - Modal Verb 'Have to'


This video is a sample EFL lesson in a real-life classroom setting abroad. In the video, you can see an engage phase of a lesson about the modal verb "have to". The teacher uses a lot of gestures and objects to demonstrate the grammar point. This is especially helpful for English students abroad to be able to grasp the content of the lesson quickly and effectively.

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This unit gives you an introduction on how to teach young learners but in separate categories. I like how it separated the five year olds to beginner nine year olds from the more advance nine year olds to thirteen year olds. It helps to keep class on the same page. This unit also lets you know that certain groups of the young age that are more advance than others.To be able to teach pronunciation and phonology, one needs to understand the concepts of intonation, stress, articulation and pronunciation. The phonetic alphabet served as a refresher course for when I was learning to speak another language and reminded me of how much easier it is to use phonetics than to merely force someone to remember a long list of new words.