OTP Demonstration Lesson - Iban - I wish/If only


In this lesson Iban teaches the meanings and differences of 'I wish' and 'if only'. He starts the lesson with a warm up activity before covering the lesson point. He ends the lesson with activities to give the students practice using the language point he has taught.

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This unit contained information about the qualities of a good teacher and good student.It discussed the roles of the teacher and the different language levels of students;comparing the characteristics of adult and younger learners. It made me start to think about how I would motivate students from different cultures and ages and some of the challenges I might face as a teacher.It was interesting to read and learn about the different beginner classes, the tips for teaching beginners, teaching individual students, children and business students. When teaching business students it is very important to complete the Need Analysis Form, this will help you to plan for your lessons and to make sure you know all the strengths and weaknesses of our students.