English Lesson - Present Perfect Continuous


In this video lesson the teacher covers the present perfect continuous tense. Iban starts the lesson with a memory game to help get the students engage in the lesson and thinking and speaking in English. He then goes on to present his lesson on the present prefect continuous tense before finishing the lesson with activities to get the students to use the language they have learned.

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This unit covered teaching methods, the sequencing of those methods, and how to appropriately correct students. This unit was far more conceptual than the previous lessons, and focused on how to stimulate learning, rather than the content that the students would be learning. There were some really helpful suggestions and examples, which made this section much more interesting!This lesson gives many ideas for resources and equipment for your English classes. Anything from Books, Whiteboards, Overhead Projectors, IWB, Computers, Cassette/DVD Players, Dictionaries, Smartphones, the Internet and other resources/equipment. Each of these are presented and then explained the uses/benefits and or negative aspects. Lots of ideas given and very helpful indeed!