EFL Sample Lesson - Engage Phase - Modal Verb 'Can'


This video is a sample EFL lesson in a real-life classroom setting abroad. In the engage phase of the lesson, the teacher elicits vocabulary from the students and gets them talking and thinking in English. It is important to always complete an engage phase before getting started on the study phase of a lesson.

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This unit focused on the use of course books through various advantages and disadvantages. I agreed with and found much of the information provided useful. All of my schools currently use a course book and there are sections that I have been dying to omit or at least alter in some way. With the suggestions provided in this unit I feel like I can successfully achieve that now.Unit 9 taught the basic principles of lesson planning. In the process of planning a lesson, I learned the important functions of lesson planning. It can serve as an Aid to Planning, a working document to refer back to during the lesson and as a record for future reference. Why and how the lessons are planned and what to include to make the lessons more practical for teaching.