EFL Sample Lesson - Activate Phase - Find Someone Who


This video is a sample EFL lesson in a real-life classroom setting abroad. The classroom activity "find someone who" is a great way to get the students to use the new learned vocabulary or grammar point as it can easily be applied to any kind of topic.

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above all of these useful information there is one thing that always should be considered for teaching English in a foreign country , and that is having enough experience and and self confidence to take the job. according to what I learned this is very important to have a friendly and polite behavior towards people you are working for both colleagues and students.Present continuous - Made with the present simple tense of the auxiliary verb to be and the present participle. Present Perfect - Relates the past to the present. Present perfect continuous - Relates past activities to the present. It implies that either the activity is likely to continue in the future, or that the activity was in progress for some length of time.